The Government of Somaliland is organizing the first National Economic Forum namely the 2022 Somaliland Economic Forum with the objectives of identifying opportunities, presenting solutions to problems, and rethinking the Somaliland economic situation through the perspectives of professionals and economists. Kicking on September 10, 2022, the 2022 Somaliland Economic Forum will provide insight into Somaliland's attempts to strengthen its position as a significant economic player in the region.


The forum will also highlight Somaliland as a key investment destination for value-added projects in industries supporting Somaliland's National Vision 2030 and National Development Plan III (2022–2026), as well as establishing a competitive and diversified knowledge-based economy.

The forum will cover the many economic strategies that were enacted to establish
proposed policies and preserve the stability and balance of the country’s economic
growth. The forum will provide insights on the economic climate, potential investment opportunities, and recent developments. The first edition of this significant event is being organized by the planning committee of the 2022 Somaliland Economic Forum.


The significance of the Somaliland Economic Forum rests in its capacity to capitalize on the present reality to provide a forum for creativity and discussion between professionals in order to forge a new course, rethink the priorities, and create a brighter future for all. Seven key pillars, including Food security and Environment (Agriculture, Fisheries & livestock), FDI and Manufacturing, Energy and Mining, Trade and Transit (Logistics, Qat, import substitution, export promotion, and Tourism Development), and Financial Services (Banking and Insurance), Infrastructure Development (Technology, Aviation, Roads and
Ports) and Development Aid Planning and Management (Humanitarian and Development Aid), will serve as the focal points for the forum's discussions on the most important issues and topics.


In light of the government's objectives, which emphasize the use of knowledge, creativity, and innovation as a foundation for growth and development in a
variety of disciplines, the Summit demonstrates the state's capacity to hold such an event and platforms that bring the experts together. The organization of the 2022 Somaliland Economic Forum is a crucial step in the country's efforts to maintain its status as a key commercial hub for the Somaliland business


In this, thought leaders and experts will discuss creative and practical mechanisms to address broad development issues by giving participants the chance to
Share ideas on how to overcome various economic obstacles and create a better future for future generations. The government envisions that this meeting would serve as an annual forum that would bring together leaders and professionals from across the country to produce original and interesting perspectives on economic concerns.