Somaliland Economic Forum Panelist 2022

Panel discussions

The forum will focus on the seven key areas below to identify the challenges and/or bottlenecks to their growth and development and proposes sustainable solutions.

Food security and Environmental protection (Agriculture, Fisheries & livestock)


o Ahmed Ismail Farah

o Abdikarim Farah Hersi

o Dr. Abdi Osman Haji Abdi

Session moderator

o Mr. Ibrahim Said Yusuf

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Manufacturing


o Mrs. Khadra Mohamed Farah

o Dr. Mohamed Ali Mohamoud

o Mr. Abdulkarim Hussein Ali

o Mr. Joseph Oguta

Session moderator

o Mr. Mohamed Abdi


Energy and Mining


o Eng. Muse Ali Ege

o Mohamed Abdirahman Farah

o Dr Abdikadir Hersi Mohamed.

o Mohamed Yusuf Mohamed

Session moderator

o Dr. Osman Hussein Warsame

Trade and Transit (Logistics, Qat, import substitution, export promotion and Tourism Development)


o Dr Adam Ismail Hassan

o Dr Amal Ali

o Khaalid Hassan

o Ahmed Dalal Farah

Session moderator

o Mr. Mustafe Mohamed’s

Financial services (Banking Insurance, Micro Finance and Remittances and Mobile Money)


o Khalif Noor

o Abdikarim Jirde Gole

o Mohamed Abdi Ahmed

o Abdirashid Abdi

Session moderator

o Abdibasid Sh Bashiir

  • Infrastructure Development (Technology, Aviation, Roads, and Ports)


o Omar Haji Hussain

o Abdilahi sh. Elmi Mahamed,

o Mohamoud Nur Dualeh

o Mustafe Ismail Elabe

Session moderator

o Mr. Mahamed Ahmed Muuse

External Aid Planning and Coordination (Humanitarian and Development Aid)


o Ms. Suad Ibrahim Abdi

o Ms. Sadia Abdi Allin

o Mr. Mustafe Mahamed Khaire

o Mr. Mahdi Omar Sheikh Khaire

Session moderator

o Mr. Khadar Ahmed Abdi